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Rad Elec Inc. - E-PERM System Products


Comes with carry case, manual and 2 reference electrets.


Electrets (ST, MT or LT)

Each comes with keeper cap. Over 700 VDC electrostatic potential to ensure numerous deployments


L-OO (On/Off) Chamber

58 ml vol. "On/Off" chamber. Designed for long-term tests (or use in high Rn areas).


H Chamber 

960 ml vol. chamber. Designed to make accurate measurements of low levels of radon over exposure periods as short as 24 hours. 


S Chamber Deployment Sleeve

A rugged clam-shell case that holds two electret ion S-chambers for transport and tamper-proof deployment.


Barcode Reader

This easy to use bi-directional barcode scanner is perfect for quickly reading electret serial numbers


Replacement Electrets (ST, MT or LT)

Used electrets must be returned to Radon North for replacement in kind, i.e., a used LT is replaced with a new LT.


Radon North Canadian Starter Kit

The Radon North Canadian Starter Kit contains all you'll need to get started with professional radon measurement


Rental Radon Scout

Easy to use continuous radon monitor. Over 90 days of operation on 2 D batteries.  Measures radon concentration, temperature and humidity during the test period and stores data in internal memory. Comes with software for data download and report generation.



Comes with flash-drive (standalone software), manual, AC adapter & micro-USB cable. 


S Chamber

210 ml vol. spring-loaded "On/Off" chamber. Can be used for short, mid or long-term Rn tests. 


L Chamber

60 ml vol. chamber. Designed for long-term tests (or use in high Rn areas).


Recon Carry Case

A shock-proof protective case to ensure that your Recon arrives at the job-site in perfect working order!


Tamper -Proof Twin Box

This hi-impact clam-shell case is designed to hold up to two S, L or L-OO chambers for tamper-proof deployment.


CRM Deployment Tripod

Almost 1.5 m extended (0.6 m closed) - this rugged tripod is the ideal support for CRMs. Features dual bubble levels and 3-way fluid pan head.


Tamper-Proof Tape

Package contains 60 strips of “tamper proof” tape - designed to break apart should your test device be tampered with.


Rental S - Chamber

A cost-effective way to meet large short-term test project needs.


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