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Rad Elec Inc. - E-PERM System Products

Radon Products

Rad Elec Inc. - E-PERM System Products



The SPER-1E Electret Voltage Reader is specifically designed to make non-contact surface potential (voltage) measurements for all the electret types used in Rad Elec Inc.’s Radon Measurements Products Line. The SPER-1E can be operated from line voltage or batteries.



New Electrets (ST, MT or LT)

Each comes with keeper cap. Over 650 VDC electrostatic potential to ensure numerous deployments


tamper tape.png

Tamper-Proof Tape

Package contains 60 strips of “tamper proof” tape - designed to break apart should your test device be tampered with.


L-OO chamber_edited.png

"Renewed" S - Chamber (4 or more ordered)

"Renewed," refurbished (including new, Whatman Grade 413 Qualitative Filter) and fully inspected 210 ml vol. spring-loaded "On/Off" chamber. Can be used for short, mid or long-term radon tests. A cost-effective way to increase your chamber inventory.


L-OO chamber_edited.png

L-OO (On/Off) Chamber
4 or more

58 ml vol. "On/Off" chamber. Designed for long-term tests (or use in high Rn areas).



"Renewed" S - Chamber (3 or fewer ordered)

"Renewed," refurbished and fully inspected 210 ml vol. spring-loaded "On/Off" chamber. Can be used for short, mid or long-term radon tests. A cost-effective way to increase your chamber inventory.


H chamber_edited.png

H Chamber 

960 ml vol. chamber. Designed to make accurate measurements of low levels of radon over exposure periods as short as 24 hours. 


Deployment sleeve.png

S Chamber Deployment Sleeve

A rugged clam-shell case that holds two electret ion S-chambers for transport and tamper-proof deployment.


Radon North starter kit (1).jpg

Radon North Canadian Starter Kit

The Radon North Canadian Starter Kit contains all you'll need to get started with professional radon measurement


Radon Emanation (Exhalation) Kit

960 ml vol. chamber. The radon emanation kit features a modified H-chamber, the base of which has been fitted with a stainless steel collar to facilitate air-tight ground contact; and a 150 mm (≈ 6") diameter, carbon-coated Tyvek® radon diffusion window. Three rust-proof metal hold-down pegs are also included, as is a "Rn Risk Estimation" Excel® template.



Tyvek Electret Storage Bag

These 9" x 12" electret storage bags are constructed from durable Tyvek®. They are designed to protect your electrets from dust, dirt, and most environmental particulates when not in use.



Radon Scout.png

Rental Radon Scout

Easy to use continuous radon monitor. Over 90 days of operation on 2 D batteries.  Measures radon concentration, temperature and humidity during the test period and stores data in internal memory. Comes with software for data download and report generation.



Reference Electrets (pairs)

Reference Electrets are highly stabilized electrets that have been “certified” to a known voltage by Rad Elec Inc. or Radon North. These detectors are used to verify that the SPER Reader is functioning properly. Sold only in pairs, each pair of Reference Electrets is shipped with a Certificate of Surface Potential Voltage.



Radon-in-Water Test Kit

The Radon North, Radon-in-Water test kit consists of:

  • two 4 litre exposure flasks featuring lid clip to attach S-chamber,

  • two rolls 65' x 3/4" wide, waterproof & airtight PVC tape (to seal exposure flask),

  • ten 75 ml (capacity) HDPE water sampling bottles,

  • Excel spreadsheet,

  • Canadian background gamma radiation table,

  • Word template for radon-in-water test report,

  • procedure for sampling,

  • modified Rad Elec, Radon-in-Water manual (to reflect Canadian content and protocols).



Recon (continuous radon monitor)

Continuous radon monitor; features hourly measurements of radon concentration, relative humidity, temperature and barometric pressure. Battery and AC operation.


Env. Gamma Radiation Monitor Kit

The Radon North, Environmental Gamma Radiation Monitor kit is designed for multiple 1-3 month long outdoor environmental gamma exposures or 4 to 90 day indoor gamma exposures.



S chamber_edited.png

S Chamber

210 ml vol. spring-loaded "On/Off" chamber. Can be used for short, mid or long-term Rn tests. 


Tamper Twin.png

Tamper -Proof Twin Box

This hi-impact clam-shell case is designed to hold up to two S, L or L-OO chambers for tamper-proof deployment.


L chamber_edited.png

L Chamber

60 ml vol. chamber. Designed for long-term tests (or use in high Rn areas).



±ZERO Electret

The ± ZERO Electret is designed to "zero" your SPER-1 or 1E (Surface Potential Electret Reader). The stainless steel disc in the centre of the electret has no surface potential; when used to check your reader, the voltage displayed should be within ± 3 volts of 0.

The ± ZERO Electret is an integral part of your E-PERM QA/QC program and helps ensure the accuracy of your radon measurements. 



Transit LT or ST Electrets

The Transit ST Electret monitors electret voltage loss over time due to environmental gamma radiation, and potential exposure to gamma and X-ray radiation during shipping.



CRM Deployment Tripod

Almost 1.5 m extended (0.6 m closed) - this rugged tripod is the ideal support for CRMs. Features dual bubble levels and 3-way fluid pan head.



Trimmed LT or ST Electrets

Precision trimmed to fit inside gamma deployment canisters; each comes with keeper cap. Typically over 600 VDC electrostatic potential to ensure numerous deployments.



Smoke Pen

The Smoke Pen is the ideal diagnostic tool for detecting drafts, air currents and air flow patterns. Lighting the wick results in a visible, non-toxic smoke. Comes with 6 wicks for up to 3 hours of continuous smoke (or 360 individual 30 second tests).



Hold-down Pegs

These rust-proof metal Hold-down Pegs are designed to secure the Radon Emanation (Exhalation) Monitor when used for outdoor site characterization. Sold in packs of 3.


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