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Michael LaFontaine, P. Phys., RSO

In the early 90's, he developed the RadSys data management software (in conjunction with Rad Elec Inc.) for users of the E-PERM system. He was also recipient of a Canadian Federal Government, external research award to study the effectiveness and accuracy of the Rn screening measurement.


Mike has performed numerous environmental radon measurements (indoor Rn, Rn emanation, Rn in water) and radiological site assessments for various Canadian federal, provincial, and municipal agencies and US relocation firms. He presently serves as a US American National Standards Institute expert delegate to the International Standards Organization, Working Group on Radiological Protection (including the measurement of radon); and serves on several ANSI/EPA/AARST consortium committees, including: Radon Measurement Systems Quality Assurance; Radon Measurements in Schools and Large Buildings; Radon Measurements in Homes; and Radon Measurements in Water. Mike’s also served on Health Canada’s - Canadian General Standards Board as consulting scientist and Co-chair of the CGSB Working Group 1 Committee tasked with developing radon mitigation standards for new low-rise residential construction.

He looks forward to helping you with your radon needs!

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