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Hello Radon North Customer/Visitor,

I hope this message finds you, your families and all your co-workers in good health.

Please know that Radon North is here for you should you need any equipment and supplies; and that all shipments from Radon North are sanitized to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We'll also be making equipment available on a rental basis, "rent-to-own," or payment plans to financially assist you as the business environment transitions to something approaching "Business as Usual." 

COVID-19 has had an impact on our supply chain - it's taking longer to receive stock, and courier plus postal service in Canada, has experienced delays and longer delivery times than usual as COVID-19 pharmaceuticals and medical supplies receive much-justified priority shipments. Please bear with us during these difficult times.

The staff at Radon North extend their best wishes to all during these trying times. To safeguard Canadian users of Rad Elec's E-PERM system, and after consultation with CARST/C-NRPP and Rad Elec; Radon North has implemented the following for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic:

  1. A Reference Electret Certification service - this move is meant to eliminate possible COVID-19 contamination of SPER readers during transit to/from the US (transit times both in Canada and to the US have greatly increased due to COVID-19 and the potential for contamination, particularly during the US portions of the trip). The new program is designed to maintain SPER reader calibration by using certified Reference Electrets (we'll be doing the certification at Radon North in Canada, using one of our calibrated reference readers). Canadian clients need only send us their Reference Electrets, we'll measure and certify the surface potential (voltage) and return them to you along with a professional sealed and signed Certificate. As a user, you'll have to maintain your weekly QC readings of the Reference Electrets and correct you reader's output for any difference.

Please note that Spiking Services and the the Replacement Electret program are now available again.

Again, thanks for all your past support and stay safe, stay healthy!

Best regards,

Michael LaFontaine, P.Phys., RSO,  Director - Radon North

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