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A Few Words on the Genesis of Radon North

Radon North took shape after the unfortunate and untimely passing of Mr. Dave Hanneson, P.Eng. in early November 2019. I was the first Canadian user of the Rad Elec E-PERM system for radon measurements (began in the late 1980’s); shortly after, Dave began marketing the Rad Elec Inc. products in Canada through his company, Biomation Inc. While I focused on measurements and application development, Dave focused on building the Canadian marketplace for Rad Elec Inc.’s products and building radon awareness. Over the years we both interfaced with each other and with Rad Elec Inc.

In the early 1990’s I created the DOS-based RadSys program which was distributed by Rad Elec Inc. as a dedicated E-PERM database, analysis and report generating program worldwide. During the same period of time, Dave was engaging municipal, provincial and federal government officials about the health risk associated with radon (at the time, the Canadian federal guideline for radon concentration in indoor air was 800 Bq/m3 … Canada didn’t have a radon problem). Against the odds, we both persisted.

On Dave’s passing, Mr. Rick Stieff, President & CEO of Rad Elec Inc., approached me to carry on their representation in Canada.

Fixture Retrieval from the Reactor2.jpg

Radon North is a direct descendant company of Physics Solutions (founded in 2010 to promote the nuclear applications of Rad Elec. Inc.’s products) and LaFontaine Consulting Services (formed in 1988). LaFontaine Consulting Services was the cumulation of a decade of work designing, developing and testing in-core instrumentation for measuring neutron and gamma radiation in the cores of nuclear power reactors (CANDU heavy water reactors, Westinghouse pressurized light water reactors worldwide, Woojin (South Korea) pressurized light water reactors, and the Loviisa (Finland) VVER-style reactors. To date, LaFontaine Consulting Services (as sub-contractor) remains the sole in-core instrumentation calibration provider for the afore-named nuclear power plant providers.


ML loading an experiment into Canadian Nuclear Laboratories' ZED - 2 reactor

Radon North will be here for Rad Elec system users in Canada – whether you need to replenish electret stock, need more chambers, require calibration or spiking services, or want to purchase additional readers or Recons. We’re also here to assist with any questions you may have with system operation or radon in general. - ML

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